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Here are the jobs for: Financial Services

IDPositionSalaryBonusLast updateMore...
22118FX Trade Associate (PR)¥8.0m - ¥10.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
23448Project Manager/Business Analyst (JP)¥9.0m - ¥15.0mSalary + Bonuses01/09/17information
24281Algorithmic Developer (PS)¥13.0m - ¥16.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
24386Senior Accountant (BA)¥9.0m - ¥10.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
24876Asset Manager Compliance (JM)¥8.0m - ¥12.0mSalary + Bonuses01/09/17information
25272General Council (JM)¥10.0m - ¥15.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25367Algorithmic Sales Broker (PR)¥8.0m - ¥10.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
25441Client Relations Associate (PR)¥8.0m - ¥10.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
25482Accountant (BA)¥6.0m - ¥6.5mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25503Legal Entity Controller (BA)¥7.0m - ¥13.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25578HR Consulting Associate (LW)¥8.0m - ¥11.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
25580Fixed Income Developer (PS)¥12.0m - ¥15.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
25638Head of Technology (PS)¥20.0m - ¥25.0mSalary + Bonuses01/09/17information
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