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IDPositionSalaryBonusLast updateMore...
22775Enterprise Architect (CM)¥9.0m - ¥13.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
23448Project Manager/Business Analyst (JP)¥9.0m - ¥15.0mSalary + Bonuses01/09/17information
24281Algorithmic Developer (PS)¥13.0m - ¥16.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
24641IOT Application Support Lead (CM)¥13.0m - ¥17.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25051Manager of Global Data & Information Management (CM)¥15.0m - ¥18.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
25079SAP SD/MM Senior Consultant (CM)¥9.0m - ¥12.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
25167Software Engineer (CC)¥5.0m - ¥8.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25228Security Solutions Architect (CM)¥9.0m - ¥13.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25299Ruby on Rails / Back-Office Engineer (CM)¥5.0m - ¥8.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25304Senior Backend Engineer - Gaming (CC)¥12.0m - ¥15.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25316Support Engineer - Gaming (CC)¥5.0m - ¥8.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25348IT Helpdesk / Customer Support Expert (CC)¥5.0m - ¥7.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
25402Head of IT Security (JP)¥14.0m - ¥17.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25420Logistics Industrial Leasing Manager (GS)¥8.0m - ¥15.0mSalary + Bonuses01/09/17information
25432IT Technician - Client Support (GW)¥5.0m - ¥7.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
25442Professional Services Business Analyst (CM)¥10.0m - ¥14.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25515Data Science and Machine Learning Engineer (CC)¥6.0m - ¥10.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25580Fixed Income Developer (PS)¥12.0m - ¥15.0mPlease Select01/09/17information
25582Head of IT (GW)¥8.0m - ¥10.0mSalary + Bonuses01/09/17information
25625Project Manager (PS)¥12.0m - ¥16.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
25638Head of Technology (PS)¥20.0m - ¥25.0mSalary + Bonuses01/09/17information
25761Technical Relationship Manager (JP)¥12.0m - ¥13.0mUndisclosed01/09/17information
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