Name: Mr. Berinder Thind
Position: Director of Finance
Company: The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo and The Park Residences Tokyo Midtown

By partnering with Specialized we were able to hire a number of skilled people into our team in a very short period of time. Specialized complemented and assisted our internal HR team really well.

Ritz Carlton Advertised Search

Following the unpredictable market that followed the 2011 Earthquake and its impact on tourism, we increased our ability to adapt to rapid changes in demand by relying on contractors. Once the market stabilized, we were keen to ensure our service was delivered to the exceptional standard that we are well known for and pride ourselves on by increasing the permanent team.

Due to a lack of service staff in our market and our need to find experienced bilingual service staff, we approached Specialized Group, who had placed executive staff with us successfully in the past.

Despite waiters not being their core market, their team were able to deliver an advertised search solution to bring in a pipeline of qualified and suitable candidates that would meet our high standards of service and interpersonal skills.

Specialized mapped the market and selected the most appropriate channels to draw in over 700 candidates with more than a year’s service experience in hotels or restaurants. They then reduced those to 40 people that we interviewed and tested to select our chosen 15.

Specialized took the project from start to finish selecting appropriate channels, proactively scouting on our behalf, screening, testing and scheduling and tracking all processes until each candidate graduated probation.

A great recruitment solution. We achieved our goals easily, within a short period of time and with very little effort. We now have a team that are consistently praised for the attention and care they deliver to our clients.

A great success.