Name: Mr. Iver Yu
Position: Senior Accountant
Company: Financial Service

Specialized Group consultant introduced me many opportunities consistently, thus I was able to find a job that I liked.

1) Please tell us about your career to date.

I was a manager at KPMG Taipei office with 9 year experience of FS audit, Tax audit and internal control audit (mainly US SOX) responsible for clients over financial service, retail and IT industries. After KPMG, I joined Groupon Japan as a Finance manager responsible for monthly/quarterly/year-end closing reviewing and regular reporting to HQ in the states. During my stay at Groupon that I was responsible for leading the new accounting system implementation project and accomplished it within 6 months. My current job is a senior internal auditor at Rakuten responsible for audit projects of overseas subsidiaries. In each project that I decided the audit topics/scopes, designed related audit procedures, performed job assignments among team members, carried out the audit procedures, reviewed team members’ work done and finally reported to the responsible personnel and the supervisors.

2) What triggered you to change jobs?

Career path consideration. After experiencing roles in Finance and internal audit that I’ve decided positions in Finance/Accounting is the direction I want to go in my career and my current employer has no opportunity in the direction I would like to head.

3) What were the decision-making factors for you to join the company that Specialized Group introduced to you?

The nature of the business itself (stable in the foreseeable future) and the well-established company structure and policy are the key factors for me to decide to join the company.

4) Did anything about changing jobs make you uneasy?

Getting to know the introduced companies, their cultures, people inside and their working styles are not easy tasks. Furthermore, gathering information of the interviewing companies is also an important task.

5) What did you think about the services given by Specialized Group?

Thanks for the consultant (Kaleb) that he understood what my concerns were and helped to solve them with the introduced company back and forth so many times. Because of his effort that eventually I’ve made up my mind and decided my next movement.

6) Do you have a message for those changing jobs?

Yes, well-prepared for the interview opportunities and don’t be hesitate to ask your consultant any question. The more you know about yourself and the interviewing companies, the higher percentage of success you will get. Lastly, don’t be afraid of trying, life is an advantage and that’s why it is full of excitement.